Corporate Events

Corporate Magician for Ohio, New York, Los Angeles and St. Louis.


Corporate Events

Keep your audience engaged.

RW Magic can make you look like a star when you plan any type of corporate event.

  • Seminars and Conferences
  • Company or Organization Milestones
  • Team-Building Events
  • Product Launch Events
  • Board Meetings and Shareholder Meetings
  • Appreciation Events
  • Executive Retreats and Incentive Programs
  • Seminars and Conferences

All of these events involve attendees waiting, listening and concentrating, which can be very taxing.

Attendees become fatigued, overwhelmed with information, and restless. The brain needs a break.

Imagine having a solution.

RW Magic will make the boredom vanish while blowing their minds with awesome strolling close up magic or the ever popular (and adaptable) One-man stand-up presentation!

Your audience will be attentive, engaged, enthralled and most of all remember the event for years!

Need to Engage Your Audience?

Bring Magic to the table for an unforgettable event.

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